High-quality casseroles for all types of stoves
Whether it’s a delicious Sunday roast, juicy goulash, hearty stew or just for steaming vegetable dishes, the uses of a casserole are very diverse.

Frying and then cooking food allows you to get the maximum flavor out of it. Due to the high temperature at the beginning, the aroma of meat, fish or vegetables is preserved, and by stewing in liquids such as broth or gravy, the food becomes tender and juicy.

Our casseroles can be used on all types of hobs and in the oven. They can therefore be used very flexibly in the kitchen. This saves the use and storage of several individual pots. They are very robust, thanks to the tight-fitting pot lid , the heat and the taste remain in the pot. In addition, the glass lid makes it easy to check the cooking status. Efficient cooking is possible thanks to the ideal distribution of heat.

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