The Vital Mandolin is an innovative further development of our V5 slicer, which not only convinces with a new design, but also has even more functions.

The mandolin was developed in such a way that it can be used with the two new inserts: Roko and Grater. So, the Vital can easily be converted into a grater.

Another highlight of the Vital Mandolin is the dressing roll, which enables you to cover your salad with dressing at the same time as cutting it, so that the salad and dressing fall into the bowl in one. This not only saves time, but thanks to the new dressing roller technology, only as much dressing is applied as is necessary.
A Borner mandolin has never had so many functions. With the Vital Pro Set you can cut slices in 4 different thicknesses, cubes in 2 sizes and pens in 2 thicknesses. In addition, the two new Vital grater inserts enable the preparation of julienne strips, vegetable spaghetti and rasps made from Parmesan, chocolate and more.